ONE Real Estate is a small boutique agency whose philosophy is to provide exceptional service and results to our clients. We are innovative in our approach to our business and want to stand out from the crowd and do things different to the “way they have always been done”.

One of the many concerns investment owners have with management of their property is consistency in staff and the level of service and communication they receive. As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping property owners informed and up to date with the market and the condition of their property and all matters pertaining to the tenancy. We have set our office up with the latest systems and procedures available to us to ensure the very best service possible.

Our aim is not to become the biggest, but be the best at what we do 
and provide our clients with the ultimate service experience.


Here is a brief summary of just some of the services we provide:


We include professional photography (normally at a cost of just $150) in our management fee, as it will showcase the property in the very best light. These professional photos can be reused in the future when the property next becomes available for lease.

Comparisons of the difference between professional photography and agent photography is evident on We can arrange this for you as soon as the property is vacant, clean and looking its best.


We find that almost 80% of tenants are now using the internet as a source of finding a suitable property, which is why all of our properties are listed as “feature properties”, the premium listing on This service comes at no additional cost to our clients.


Where required we will also list your property in the NT News at no additional cost. Our fee structure is very different to most companies in Darwin as we only charge ONE FEE to our clients. We believe our fee overall, compares fairly well to most of our competitors, when taking into account all the possible add on fees in a 12 month period.

Our fee will include the following:

›   All advertising costs

   A premium feature listing on

   Professional photography of the complex and apartments in general

We do not charge the following:

  NO annual fee

›   NO letting fee

›   NO inspection fees

›   NO administration fees

›   NO surprises

Additionally we are more than happy to arrange payment of all accounts on your behalf such as insurance, body corporate fees and council rates.


We will, wherever possible erect a sign to promote the listing of the property as available for lease as soon as possible after the property becomes available. Our signs are clear, clean and stand out, we have achieved good enquiry from our signs and you can be assured they will look professional and tidy at all times.

Tenant Selection

We believe putting the right tenants into a property is the key to having a great relationships with all parties.

Clean and well maintained property = happy tenants = happy owner = happy property manager!

We check all prospective tenants current employment to confirm their income and affordability for the rent and seek character references. We confirm present and past rental history with agents and process all applicants through TICA (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) for any previous undesirable history.

Rent Collection

All tenants are requested to set up a direct debit for rent payments and we have found this to be a very effective and successful rent collection method. We have zero tolerance for rent arrears and commence reminders from Day 1 and termination proceedings immediately once legislation allows with the landlords instruction.


We carry out an inspection approximately 6 weeks after lease commencement and then 16 to 17 weekly thereafter. As a landlord, you are provided with a report complete with photos for each inspection and you are invited and more than welcome to attend any of these with the property manager at a suitable time.


All maintenance must be received from tenants in writing and this is then referred to the owner for instruction unless the owner has authorised us with instruction to proceed without contact. All maintenance can be arranged by us and paid from available rental funds. In any instance of the property being a newly constructed property there may be builder defects and warranties to consider during the initial settling in period.

We offer to carry out a defects pre-settlement inspection for any owner who may be interstate or unable to attend themselves. This is included in our service.


You may also be interested to know that we pay our clients weekly, that is we flush our trust account each week which provides our clients with a more regular cash flow. This will depend on how often the tenant makes their payments to us i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We would be excited to manage your property and would require you written instructions on our management agreement to proceed and act as your agents.

Owners will be provided with a monthly statement detailing all transactions for the month. Should you require any assistance with this statement please contact the property manager and they will be more than happy to run through it with you.

Statements are emailed directly to you along with all invoices and copies of tenancy agreements, lease renewals, or any other relevant information you should receive on a regular basis.



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